Arbor Pointe Church @West Jackson



Pastor Mike & Kit Devine are blessed to be a part of Arbor Pointe.  Mission and Ministry drives Movement and we look forward to God moving powerfully in this place!  Mike's originally from California, is recovering and has an interestingly varied history!  Kit is a former GBI Agent, Human Resources Director and Attorney who now mediates and works as a Guardian Ad Litem.  We view ministry as a team effort and we know that God will honor that effort!
Cory Rumbaugh - Children's Director & Grow to be You Dayschool Director


Cory joined our staff team in October, 2015 - but she and her family have been involved at Arbor Pointe for much longer.  Cory and her husband Caleb have been Arbor Pointe members for many years, and they are raising their sons (Lane, Noah, and Rhett) within the Arbor Pointe family.

Cory is excited to see children - and families - experience God through His church!

Amy Thompson - Nursery
Mike Roberts - Worship Leader

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Growing up in a musical family, combined with the British invasion of the Beatles, doomed Mike to a lifelong passion for music. He played in several garage bands before becoming a "professional" musician from 1975 to 1992. During this time Mike did session work but primarily played in local bands for a living, most notably “Spade”, “Blind Date” and “The Ron Kimble Band.” The musical highlight of his professional musical career was playing guitar for “BJ Thomas” between 1985-1990.

Mike has been the Praise Band leader at Arbor Pointe for the last year after serving in similar capacity at The Spring UMC in Flowery Branch.