Arbor Pointe Church @West Jackson


Arbor Pointe Church @West Jackson
A group of iMperFect people following the One who is perfect, Jesus! 

Core Values:
Authenticity - #BeYou4Him, God created you to be who you are but to be who you are for Kingdom living that honors God.

Purpose - our purpose is to inspire people to fulfill God's calling in their lives. We do this by providing a path to growth that will help you find your place in the body of Christ.

Commitment2Community - we are a community focused church involved in local ministries with a special focus on iServe Ministries, Piedmont Rape Crisis, Habitat for Humanity, One Race Movement and our local schools with a focus on our neighboring school, West Jackson Elementary School.

APC Weekend Update with Theresa Dearman and Patty Moore
                                                    (this week's announcements):

                    2018 Jingle Jam Photos (featuring Elaina Farmer leading Silent Night)

                                         2018 Jingle Jam: Santa tells the Christmas Story