Arbor Pointe Church @West Jackson

Sunday Service at 10:30am

APC Weekend Update w/Theresa Dearman and Patty Moore - Father's Day Edition

412 Youth and Flamingos

You have been flamingoed!
A Fundraiser is being conducted by 4:12 Youth from Arbor Pointe Church at West Jackson, and this flock of flamingoes has gathered upon your property to roost! In case you haven’t heard, plastic pink flamingoes are very territorial and, unless they are placed on someone else’s lawn, they will roost on your property for a very long time. Removal of this flock of pink plastic lawn flamingoes should only be attempted by professionals. Fortunately, our removal technicians are highly skilled. Options for their removal are below: Your name:______________________________________ 
(__)I appreciate the flamingoing but am unable to donate at this time. 
(__)I would like to make a donation of $___ toward the removal of the pink flamingoes. 
(__)In addition to my donation, I would like to suggest the following person as the next surprise victim: (Please use back for additional names). Name:__________________ Phone:______________________ Address:____________________________________________ 
Our youth group is working hard to raise funds! We understand that you may not be able to donate at this time, but we hope you have enjoyed your pink visitors! Please call or text Patty Moore at 706-870-0607 or email her at to have your flock removed. Thank you!

Arbor Pointe Church @West Jackson
A group of iMperFect people following the One who is perfect, Jesus! 

Core Values:
Authenticity - #BeYou4Him, God created you to be who you are but to be who you are for Kingdom living that honors God.

Purpose - our purpose is to inspire people to fulfill God's calling in their lives. We do this by providing a path to growth that will help you find your place in the body of Christ.

Commitment2Community - we are a community focused church involved in local ministries with a special focus on iServe Ministries, Piedmont Rape Crisis, Habitat for Humanity, One Race Movement and our local schools with a focus on our neighboring school, West Jackson Elementary School.