Welcome to Arbor Pointe!

The people of Arbor Pointe Church seek to: 
INVITE people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
CONNECT with one another to grow in our faith.
REACH beyond the church to love and serve.

Upcoming Events

November 6th is Youth Sunday - our youth and children will be taking over the service - 
greeting, praying, ushering, singing, and delivering the message on David & Goliath! 

November 20th is Laity Sunday with our lay persons (non-clergy) leading the way!

December 5th will be a very special ACTS Dinner as we will have Shawn Mulvey and his group
playing for us - 6:30pm.

December 11th will be a musical morning of worship as our worship band will be leading a morning of song.
There will be some additional guests for this service so don't miss it!

Our worship starts at 10:30am every Sunday morning and you are always welcome.

Small Groups:

The "Sunday Night at The Grove" small group led by Pastor Mike will begin a new study this coming Sunday, October 30th, at 6:30pm in The Grove at APC. 
If you're looking for a group, whether this is your home church or not, you are welcome to join us!
For more information contact Mike Devine (mike.devine@ngumc.net)

The Swanson small group will begin a 4 week study on Philippians this coming Sunday, October 30th, at 6:30pm at the Swanson home.
For more information, contact Minty Swanson (mintyswanson@gmail.com)